Lemon L6 Miner



The lemons l6 miner is a new miner Released on October 2021. with Hashrate of 700 mh/s, Power Consumption of 2100 Watts and Volts of 12V.


Lemon L6 Miner

Lemon L6 miner offers an incredible hashrate of 700 mh/s and a power consumption of 2100 Watts with voltage of 12V. It features an innovative cooling system designed to maximize airflow. And with the plug’n’play functionality, it is extremely easy to set up.

This mining rig is designed for those of you who are looking for a fully automated, plug-and-play system with no need to configure any settings. The L6 offers an excellent hash rate and reliability using the latest advances in mining hardware. L6 miners also use state of the art technology to keep your miner cool.

By including a quiet fan within the chassis that is not only completely silent but also uses less power than any other system out there. If cost efficiency is important, then this machine has it because it’s low power consumption produces a higher profit than other miners on the market today.

This is the perfect miner for anyone looking to get into the mining game. It comes out of the box, and is ready to mine right away. No need to install drivers or do any extra work. Just plug it in and start earning those coins!

Lemons L6

Lemon L6 miner is designed for mining Ethereum and other GPU-based algorithm coins. With 1800MHz working frequency, this miner has a hash rate of 17MH/s (one board).

The maximum power consumption is 2100W, while the Power efficiency is 180MH / W. By default, the miner can be connected to a host computer through an ethernet cable, with a standard RJ45 ethernet port built into its controller board.

This Lemons L6 is an impressive little mining rig that offers an incredible hashrate of 700 mh/s, and can be used with a variety of cryptocurrencies. You can plug it in and start mining right away!

The compact design uses low-power consumption to keep your energy bills low while maximizing airflow. And because it’s so portable, you can take your mining anywhere you go.

Lemons L6 Miner

The L6 miner is a revolutionary product combining the world’s most advanced technology and blockchain experience.

Lemon L6 miner can be used to mine bitcoin, litecoin and Bitcoin Cash by connecting to your home network. The user-friendly interface allows you to mine cryptocurrency on your own computer, with no electricity costs and no noise.

Lemon L6

Lemon L6 miner is a high-performance processor, dedicated to the production of account-based cryptocurrency. Both power consumption and profitability are high. CPU gives a boost to the operations and lowers the cost of running at the same time.

The Lemon L6 miner offers an incredible hashrate of 700 mh/s, while maintaining low power consumption. The white color gives it a sleek look and feel. And with the innovative cooling system designed to maximize airflow, it is extremely easy to set up.

Lemons L6 Miner For Sale

This is a well-designed and compact miner, equipped with 6 ASIC chips. Powered by 2100W of power. It is easy to use, low power consumption and can be used in a variety of scenarios.

This Lemon L6 miner is totally optimised for mining Dash and other cryptocurrencies. The miner uses ASIC chips, which are 10 times more efficient than graphics cards and FPGA, and consumes only 2100W of energy to achieve a hash rate of 1700MH/S for the whole year. It has a very fast delivery time of 9 days from payment(including shipping). This miner ships with free shipping & free power supply!


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